How to Use a Linzer Cookie Cutter

The Linzer Cookie Cutter Set

A Linzer cookie cutter set usally comes with one cookie cutter and different center designs you can attach to it.

Common center designs are stars, circles, hearts and flowers.

The Different Shapes

A traditional Linzer cookie cutter is round with a fluted edge but that's not the only shape there is. You can also get themed sets with Easter bunnies, Christmas trees, etc.

Start by making the top cookies

Attach a center shape by setting it into the cookie cutter and sliding its metal edges under the hooks of the cutter.


Cut out the top cookies

Cut out top cookies in half of your rolled out dough.


Cut out the base cookies

Remove the center attachment and cut out an equal number of base cookies.


Bake the cookies!


Bake, dust and then fill the cookies with a filling of your choice.

Make some Linzer cookies today!