Photoshop for Food Bloggers Advanced Video Course

October, 2015
Thank you for your interest in my Photoshop for Food Bloggers Advanced video course!

If you’re a food blogger or food photographer with a good basic understanding of how to use Photoshop and are ready to learn how to take full advantage of Photoshop’s capabilities this 40-minute video course is for you. It teaches you techniques that allow you to add or remove props or food, get rid of unwanted reflections, change the physical appearance of your props and make local adjustments to settings regardless of whether or not they are available in the adjustment brush.

The course consists of 8 individual tutorials (plus an introduction) that are listed in the table of contents below and that you will be able to download after purchase. You will be given a separate download link for each individual tutorial.

To get a better idea of what the course is about I’ve made the introduction available and you can play it here (the video will open in a separate window):

Photoshop for Food Bloggers Advanced

TOC PS for Food Bloggers Advanced
This is a course that you pay a one-time fee for, then you download it and then you own it. Once you have purchased and downloaded the course it will reside on your own computer(s).

Belcher PS for Food Bloggers Advanced

I hope you enjoy it! Thank you so much for your interest and support. :)