Prop Talk – Metal Surfaces

Hello there! I’ve got another prop talk for you today. (To see previous prop talk posts just click on the Behind the Scenes tab in the menu at the top).

Many of you asked me about my two metal surfaces so I thought I’ll show them to you. I’ve got a rusty table and a zinc-coated tray. I love to shoot on both, they have interesting textures and colors and work really well for food photos despite the fact that no one would serve food on them in real life. (Can you imagine that table with a plate of fresh cookies and a few magazines on it in your living room next to the fire place?)

I have no clue what other uses people might have for items like these and neither did the sales folks in the antique stores where I bought these surfaces; both asked me with a puzzled look on their face “What are you going to do with this?”

Unfortunately I don’t think that there is any quick and easy way to find surfaces like these, you’ll probably have to do what I did and that is visiting antique store after antique store hoping to find one that you like.

Metal surfaces as food photography props.

Metal surfaces as food photography props.

Below are a few photos in which I’ve used these two treasures. :)

Cranberry Sauce Star Anise

From post Star Anise Cranberry Sauce.


Espresso Bourbon Truffles

From post Espresso Bourbon Truffles.


Maple Orange Chicken Wings

From post Maple Orange Chicken Wings.


Bourbon Balls

From post Bourbon Balls.



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    • Nicole B. says:

      That’s great to hear, Nicky! It can definitely be frustrating, I have several prop items on my list to look for and I periodically just drop it cause the hunt seems to hopeless… :)

  1. Liz says:

    Sooo envious! Been scouring flea markets here in Malta to see if I can find similar items. However, I did find an abandoned zinc sink at the skip the other day, and I pilfered some battered boards (used for concreting) from my builders who are in situ. But would die to find the zinc table and tray. In my dreams. Love the shots on both surfaces and agree, how ironic we wouldn’t actually eat off them in real life!

  2. Karina says:

    Well…I’ve just been through every post and your photography is simply breathtaking. Your food? Amazing!
    I’m so happy I found you through Facebook. You rock!!

  3. Kim@Day7Kitchen says:

    Hi Nicole!
    I saw your blog from tastespotting and I absolutely love the metal tin tray that you use! I’ve been trying to look for similar surfaces, but I really need to keep trying. Keep up your food photography posts, I definitely need more advice on this end for my newbie food blog!

    • Nicole B. says:

      Hi Kim! Yeah, I was really lucky to find this tray… :) So glad to hear that you like my food photography posts! :)

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